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About Tri-S Environmental



Tri-S Environmental is an environmental and water consulting firm. Tri-S Environmental has completed over two-hundred successful projects in North America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.



Petroleum hydrocarbon contamination is a worldwide problem. At Tri-S, we act as a third-party between the property owner and regulatory agencies by implementing an overall project approach that emphasizes sensibility and minimizes risk in context of the practical limitations of remediation technology. Chlorinated solvents at manufacturing facilities are another worldwide problem for which there is no magic bullet. Chemicals travel deep in the earth and are not fully recoverable with any technology. As in the case of other environmental pollutants such as herbicides, pesticides, radionuclides and biological toxins, the solution is always compromise through a negotiation process.

One world, one environment. Our philosophy is meeting society’s needs in cooperation with nature.