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Landslide Forensic Testimony

Tri-S Environmental is pleased to announce that our expert testimony and report played a pivotal role in settling a case involving a catastrophic landslide in southern California. After the case had been pending for several years, Tri-S Environmental was retained by counsel to assist in developing a successful and scientifically sound strategy to resolve the case. The case settled for $26.5 million after Tri-S Environmental’s testimony was heard.

Below are groundwater and subsurface maps that were developed by Tri-S Environmental to convey our opinions:

The following four maps and eight cross-sections were developed to better understand the complicated interaction of faults, geological units, shears and various types of heterogeneities in order to dissect the subsurface. The goal of our assignment was to determine the migration of groundwater in the subsurface and to examine the effects of rainfall and pumping on the water dynamics and subsidence. To learn more about this dewatering/subsidence/landslide project, please feel free to call our office at (949) 644-8602.


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