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Land Publications


Transport Model Sensitivity for Soil Cleanup Level Determinations Using SESOIL and AT123D in Context of the California Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Field Manual
Journal of Soil Contamination, 1(2):159-182 (1992) Joseph E. Odencrantz, et al.

Passive to Active Tie-In for Soil Gas Surveys: Improved Technique for Source-Area, Spatial Variability, Remediation-Monitoring, and Vapor-Intrusion Assessment
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Sustainable, Low-Profile Investigation Technique Finds Numerous Contaminant Sources: Bronx Borough, New York City Example
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Use of CSIA to Distinguish Between Vapor Intrusion and Indoor Sources of VOCs
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Innovative, Non-Intrusive Passive Soil Gas Collection Device Maps Large Carbon Tetrachloride Plume at the DOE Hanford Site, Washington
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Modeling Nitrogen Dynamics in a Soil Column with Reclaimed Water: Okinawa, Japan Application
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