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Other Notable Publications


McGarity 2004 MTBE: A Precautionary Tale
Harvard Environmental Law Review, Volume 28, 2004. Pages 281-341. Thomas O. McGarity’s thorough article on the history of the gasoline additive MTBE addition to the gasoline market and the resulting impacts to ground water drinking water supplies are published in the Harvard Environmental Law Review. MTBE impacts to the City of Santa Monica and South Lake Tahoe Public Utility District drinking water wells are featured. Notable quote from the article: “The petroleum industry, however, takes the position that the magnitude of the groundwater contamination caused by MTBE from leaking USTs [Underground Storage Tanks] has been exceedingly modest.”

Advancing the Rebirth of Environmental Common Law
Czarnezki, J. J. and M. L. Thomsen. Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review, 2007, Volume 34, No. 1. See article beginning on page 1 which references a paper prepared by Joe Odencrantz on page 22 (ref 147) which is also the same article above entitled “Natural Attenuation: Is Dilution the Solution”.