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Tri-S Testimonials

Ms. Emma Ager
Clyde & Co. LLP
London, England, UK

Joe was a great help on a number of groundwater contamination cases we were involved with. Great knowledge and good to work with!

Mr. Ted B. Lyon
Attorney and Former State Senator
Ted B. Lyon & Associates, P.C.
Mesquite, Texas

Joe Odencrantz worked for me on a large case involving a 1,500,000 gallon gasoline spill in Texas. I represented the City of Dallas in a hotly contested jury trial against Explorer Pipeline Co. Joe was one of our key experts and testified for two days. The jury really liked him and we were able to settle the case after he testified.

Mr. Michael A. Gevertz
Shareholder (Litigation Group)
Steefel, Levitt & Weiss
San Francisco, California

While at my former firm, I hired Dr. Joseph Odencrantz as an expert on a matter involving a petroleum release from a flower farm that allegedly impacted groundwater supply wells of a local water provider. As part of the litigation process, Dr. Odencrantz served as the Most Qualified Person on behalf of the floral company for three days of deposition on issues related to their storage tanks and petroleum. It was a pleasure working with Dr. Odencrantz, who is both comfortable and experienced giving testimony.

Mr. Gene Scarcello
Owner and Developer
Stonington Properties
Corona, California

I have worked with Joe Odencrantz, owner of Tri-S Environmental, on numerous projects from an old gasoline service station site, several dry cleaning facilities and special investigations since 1995. Stonington Properties has had the good fortune of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars of remediation expenditures by working with a pro-business, highly qualified and experienced environmental consultant. Joe has experience working as an expert with various law firms and that experience has been an asset for me with his assistance with several of my development projects.

Mr. Steven Thornley
Laboratory Director
Beacon Environmental Services, Inc.
Bel Air, Maryland

Joe’s professional experience and novel ideas makes him an invaluable part of the work that goes on in the environmental field. The presence of Beacon has been taken to the next level because of Joe’s direct involvement.

Mr. Kevin Carroll
Executive Director
Earth-Appraisal Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Joe is an excellent technical resource for evaluating chemical processes and associated environmental risks/liabilities; and, for planning &executing soil/groundwater investigations and remedial controls.

Joe worked well in a multi-cultural team setting and has a good working knowledge of Japanese environmental regulations. I consider Joe an expert in the fields of soil/groundwater contamination and a world leader in soil gas vapor intrusion issues.

Mr. Anthony Silva
The Brownfields Redevelopment Group Company
Irvine, California

I have known Joe for twenty years and first met him during his interview process at Levine Fricke Recon (now Arcadis). Joe was not only successful with the interview process, but also he became one of the leaders in the company managing projects and bringing new business to the company. I worked directly with Joe and was his direct supervisor for his first year at the company. Joe is a water and environmental expert; he excels as a problem solver and researcher. Over the years, Joe was one of the most active persons I knew in the environmental industry and his keen vision had significant impact on policy and regulations in California and throughout the United States.